Yu Energy Corp

Energy through oscillation


Welcome to the next generation of Wind and Hydro Power.

The revolutionary Yu Oscillating Generator " YOG " solution solves many problems in renewable energy production today.

Capable of produceing power in various environments.

On Land .... On Water ..... Even Under Water !

It can pretty much run off of anything that oscillates.

Global patent pending.

The Yu Oscillating Generator is design for low force conditions. No more need for high wind speeds and huge tall towers. Great for residental or business use.

The Yu Oscillating Generator is also wildlife friendly. It allows birds and marine life to have time to see the blades and move around them.
Our models do not create irritating howling or moaning noises as well.

How it works,

By harnessing force located on top of the device's mast. Known as a form of “actuator”.

You would get a levered mechanical gain converted to torque for a period of time oscillating the lower half side to side. The lower half will then drive a turbine producing power.

As it slows due to resistance, the actuator will harness force again to drive the device. Making up for any loss motion do to resistance.

The Yu Oscillating Generator will harness the gravity potential energy and kinetic energy resulting in an amplify output energy.

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